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Invengo Textile Services (formally TAGSYS) transforms the way to connect, communicate and interact with goods, providing textile organizations with innovative item-level inventory management systems that streamline the textile maintenance and rental supply chains.

This enables companies to control pricing strategies, increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. For more than 15 years, Invengo has implemented RFID-based systems to more than 500 customers in 40 countries.

Invengo Textile Solution is known as [ ACUITY ] and is a complete RFID system for real-time inventory management of textile assets.



About [ ACUITY ]

[ ACUITY ] is a complete RFID system (tags, hardware, software) for real-time inventory management of textile assets, specifically designed for mid to large size textile services and rental professionals.

[ ACUITY ] is scalable, adapts to our customers’ evolving requirements in terms of stock volumes and multiple site deployments, and significantly contributes to reducing linen losses and offering new value-added services.

[ ACUITY ] generates dashboards and real-time reports to optimize linen stock rotation at laundry sites and their customer sites.

[ ACUITY ] helps our laundry customers be more competitive by taking real time operational decisions required in their day to day business activity.

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With [ ACUITY ] you

  • Gain real-time visibility over your linen inventory, at the laundry and customer sites
  • Accurately track and monitor linen usage and life-cycle durability
  • Increase stock rotation to reduce your overall stock capacity and better control operating expenses
  • Obtain reliable linen counts at every business processes: receiving, sorting, preparation, delivery & pick-up
  • Facilitates ‘Batch’ to ‘Pool’ migration at linen level
  • Improve laundry production planning, reduce shortage situations and increase service levels with real-tile supervision of deliveries, pick-ups and WIP
  • Manage in real time your internal stock and your inventories at customer sites
  • Accurately monitor soiled versus cleaned linen to anticipate order management and timely deliveries
  • Get access to real-time dashboards and reports that help you improve your business model, be more competitive
  • Reach exact stock, visibility to anticipate unexpected/unplanned stock movements
  • Identify customer’s usage quantity requirements and patterns & behaviors
  • Provide accurate billing reports by customer (including pay-per-use) including linen losses/abuses or repairs, eliminating billing errors and reconciling differences
  • Meet the evolution of your requirements over time: business size, multiple sites, number of customers, volume of textile items, etc.
  • Identify source tagging opportunities to minimize ‘cost of item tagging’
  • Understand and empower SGTIN global standard


[ ACUITY ] key facts

  • Secure your system’s interoperability within the textile services supply chain

  • Optimize your RFID investment with a standardized and scalable system

  • Enhance your business model with real-time analytics
  • Partner with the only system company owning and leveraging RFID technologies and software

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